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UH OH- YOU'VE ENTERED THE SCHIZONET! You've found yourself in THAT area of the Wired, a revamped remnant of the Wired West emboldened to attempt to worm its way into the minds of impressionable netizens... Will it work?

We here at SM are just a couple of dudes making whatever we want and saying whatever we want just because we can. We hope to make some cool shit along the way that we ourselves would enjoy if we were on the content consoomer side of things here, whether it be podcasts, webseries, or anything else that pops into our demented little minds.


That is a threat.

News Flash

Freddy Freaker 07/15/24 The Hiatus is Over! We will be back shortly friends!

05/08/24 The Prologue to Kallisto's story: Byzantion 1899 is here!

05/05/24 Something Old is here... The Mystery of the Black Knight Satellite [ARCHIVE]

04/05/24 Things are indeed Happening!

03/22/24 Layer 01 returns! Layer 01 EP 13: Polybius - Nostalgia As Technotronic Terror

03/08/24 Layer 01 is back! Layer 01 EP 12: The Committee of 300

02/21/24 We've got 2 more Layer 01 Episodes in the pipeline so look out for those in the coming weeks!

02/19/24 New Layer 01 Episode out NOW! Layer 01 EP 11: The Cult of Boitata - Serpent Worship and Myth Across Time

02/08/24 We joined the Wired Collective Webring!

12/30/23 Now on Spotify too! Expanding a bit!

12/29/23 Last one of 2023! Please enjoy the continuation of our previous discussion: Layer 01 EP 10: Science Adventure Series - Hacking the Black Iron Prison Pt. 2

12/27/23 Surprise! New Episode out RIGHT NOW - Layer 01 EP 9: Anonymous;Code - Hacking the Black Iron Prison Pt. 1

12/27/23 Stay tuned for the (belated) Schizo Christmas special(s?)!

10/25/23 WE RETURN... Layer 01 EP 8: Land of the Lost - High Strangeness and The Mauve Zone [Our longest episode yet!]

10/13/23 Layer 01 EP 7: Philip K. Dick - Chapel Perilous & Conspiracy Folklore is out now!

10/10/23 We've got a Bitchute now too! Kind of just a backup incase we get too spicy for YT

10/06/23 Sooner than expected! Episode 6 of the Layer 01 Podcast: Ong's Hat - Liminal Spaces and Legend Tripping

10/04/23 Layer 01 EP 6 Coming Soon mayhaps

08/26/23 FINALLY the 5th Episode of the Layer 01 Podcast: Mothman - American Yokai


04/25/23 Zine Release! .NET of Calypso Volume 4

02/02/23 Created webpage for Layer 01

Fourth Episode of the Layer 01 Podcast: SMT Is Real

01/27/23 Switched things around, made the old homepage the new Cinema Cyberia page

01/27/23 Rechristened Cinema Cyberia Productions as Schizopunk Media

01/27/23 Finally actually got to work updating this site, "borrowed" some code from another neocities site to do so, so thanks, whoever you are

01/23/23 Almost a year later, the Third Episode of the Layer 01 Podcast: Aliens Are Demons

11/10/22 Zine Release! .NET of Calypso Volume 3

10/08/22 Zine Release! .NET of Calypso Volume 2

09/17/22 Zine Release! .NET of Calypso Volume 1

05/22/22 Second Episode of the Layer 01 Podcast: Roko's Basilisk

03/29/22 Inaugural Episode of the Layer 01 Podcast: Godzilla Singular Point

12/21/12 w3_Sl33p_Y2K38 Goes Missing

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Dispatches from The Wired
The Mystery of the Black Knight Satellite [ARCHIVE]
Layer 01 EP 13: Polybius - Nostalgia As Technotronic Terror

A Strange Webzine .NET of Calypso A collection of odd art, renders, stories, and more!

Coming Soon to DVD and Video

A Tale to be Told Byzantion 1899 What if Eastern and Western Rome managed to survive into the 19th Century? An Esoteric Alternate History "Western". Prologue Out Now!

Coming Soon To An Interface Near You Anonymous Fragments A fun little webcomic about a boy and his internet friends.

Coming SoonER To An Interface Near YOU! Cinema Cyberia A new web series chock full of late-night cinema watching action! Enjoy classic and cheesy public domain films as if you actually had friends to enjoy them with!

Kidding aside, as fans of MST3K and goofy, cheesy film in general- we hope to soon be able to at least try to recapture that cozy feeling we all remember when we'd wrap ourselves in a blanket on a cool summer's night, turn off the lights, and share some laughs with Mike, Joel, Servo and Crow and enjoy some really goofy movies.

Brought to you by - 21st Century Sucks! - and remember to pass the tapes!
21st Century Sucks

Coming SoonERTM To An Interface Near YOU! The Videodrome The lads sit around and discuss the Kino Media that the Corpos are too greedy to let us show you for free, a more analytical look into various Films and other properties.

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