Layer 01 Podcast
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WELCOME TO LAYER 01 An exploration of the WEIRDness in this bizarre world of ours... and outside of it.

A simple podcast discussing an array of WEIRD topics and happenings.

Good luck in the coming Demonic Time War™.

And remember: The Truth is out There!

News Flash

Weirdnet 10/25/23 Episode 08: Land of the Lost - High Strangeness and The Mauve Zone

10/13/23 Episode 07: Philip K. Dick - Chapel Perilous & Conspiracy Folklore

10/06/23 Episode 06: Ong's Hat - Liminal Spaces and Legend Tripping

08/26/23 Episode 05: Mothman - American Yokai

08/07/23 Not Dead Yet [EP 05 SOON™]

02/02/23 Threw together a little extension of Schizopunk Media for the Layer 01 Podcast

01/30/23 Episode 04: SMT is Real

01/23/23 Episode 03: Aliens are Demons

05/22/22 Episode 02: Roko's Basilisk

03/29/22 Episode 01: Godzilla Singular Point

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Layer 01 EP 8: Land of the Lost - High Strangeness and The Mauve Zone
Fray, Kouji, & Barry explore the classic 70s TV series Land of the Lost, along with the bizarre connections to High Strangeness and the Mauve Zone. Furthering our foray into American Shintoism and the insanity of modernity.

Layer 01 EP 7: Philip K. Dick - Chapel Perilous & Conspiracy Folklore
Kouji and Fray, ft. Barry - come together to talk about the prolific author and modern prophet - Philip K. Dick, his impact on culture and society and connection to the strange aspects of the Chapel Perilous.

Layer 01 EP 6: Ong's Hat - Liminal Spaces and Legend Tripping
Kouji and Fray return to explore the first internet ARG known as Ong's Hat, and its connection with the Legend Tripping Phenomenon, along with the infamous Black Mailbox and other Liminal "Sacred Spaces". As featured on Joseph Matheny's Ong's Hat Website!

Layer 01 EP 5: Mothman - American Yokai
Kouji and Fray come at the infamous Mothman and other cryptids from a different angle than usual- as the yokai to a uniquely American "shintoism" developing in modern times.

Layer 01 EP 4: SMT is Real
Kouji and Fray discuss the idea that digital technology may just be a gateway to another, darker world.

Layer 01 EP 3: Aliens are Demons
Kouji and Fray ponder the notion that maybe so called extraterrestrials and demons are not only compatible concepts- but maybe even the same thing.

Layer 01 EP 2: Roko's Basilisk
Kouji and Fray utterly fail at not exposing you to an infohazard.

Layer 01 EP 1: Godzilla Singular Point
Kouji and Fray discuss the barely comprehensible quantum shennanigans of the first TRUE Godzilla anime.